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We had a guy try to wear the Aqua Sphere mask off the blocks a few years ago. Kept coming off his head no matter how much he tightened them so beware if you are racing any meets practice with the mask first so you don't ruin your day b/f it starts! I have been wearing Swedes for 30 years fits my eye sockets like a glove.
That's interesting. Maybe it's the fit? Bizarrely you aren't allowed to dive at my pool but I do race starts off a pontoon at the lake wearing Vistas and they've been okay. I do make sure the strap is under my swim cap though. I have had problems with goggles leaking as they come loose doing aggressive flip turns or dives if I have the strap outside the swim cap. Generally goggles are more stable though. Maybe it's because of the drag? The top of the frame grabs the water more than a sleak pair of goggles I'd imagine.

I must try swedes. I like simplicity and they aren't expensive so certainly worth experimenting.
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