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Default Use of snorkel

For the last few days I have been trying to incorporate activate rest intervals in my practice sessions. I use the snorkel to get my breathing back to a less than panting state. I swim 2 to 4 lengths with the snorkel and my breathing returns to normal. One thing I notice is that my spl goes up with the snorkel--2 to 3 strokes. Is this normal or does it indicate some flaw in my technique?

My normal rest intervals consist of so many nasal breaths between sets. But after 40 minutes or so, the normal 6 to 8 breaths lengthen to 15 or 20. This means that I am just standing at the wall for 1 to 1.5 minutes doing nothing. that is when I decided to use the snorkel for more of an active rest.

so to summarize I have 2 questions. Why is my spl going up when using a snorkel and secondly is the active rest interval a good idea or should I continue with the longer nasal breaths?

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