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Thanks for all of the comments.
Ti97, I often come here when I need to some inspiration or focal points before my next swim. I am pleased I was able to do the same for you today! We all need to share our experiences both good and bad!

I also hit the pool this morning and tried to consolidate what I learned on Wednesday evening. I tried not to race the clock this time but focus more on SPL and the push off the wall.

Stuart mentioned that one should try and not turn for a breath as one drags the high side arm back but rather use the created streamline for another stroke or two before getting into your breathing pattern. For me that is one sided every second stroke so I still need to practice this without feeling too air deprived specially once I get a little fatigued.

Stuart, thanks for the positive words. It's always nice to know that one is improving.
As mentioned, the video below you did for me 6 months ago has had over 8000 views and growing every day. Looks like a lot of people are benefiting from your instruction.

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