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I'm assuming you are breathing on that high side pull right off the wall? That's where we'd differ I don't breathe on the first stroke on the break out, but I will breathe on the 2nd stroke and when I'm really tuckered I will throw some 2:3 breathing in when I need more air.
No, not on first pull.....I do an open turn usually all the time....

so I breathe on the 2nd or 3rd stroke off the wall to try maintaining a streamline.....but after a set of breast transitioning to free, I have to swim a few lengths with 3 breaths to one side then alternate to 3 breaths on the other

Like Streak said -- it's all about a PERSONAL best....the clock is there for mostly me to get in and out of the best part of the day (for many, many years) is right after swimming...

Streak, ya got me going today!!!
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