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The reason it can cause a pause is almost certainly done to the delay in the pull of the stroke you are using. I physically cannot use the high arm it will pull air on my break out stroke if I pull from that high side.

I can see how this would work well with TI's stroke though glad it worked for you. Just don't be surprised if you ever mess with stroke timing that your high side breakout stroke goes 'whifffffffff'! This is just one of those things you might find out if you get to racing in a short course pool that walls are where races are won. The longer the race they less racy the action becomes for sure, but Masters racing is won and lost on the walls just like with elites. I lose about 3 feet every stinking turn to the guy that leads lane 1 as I'm in lane 2. His catch is just a little earlier and more effective than mine out front and that fraction of a second he is on the power where I'm still dropping my arm into position costs me huge. We are pretty much dead even b/t the flags, but over a 500 he beats me consistently by about 20 yards. Long course we have great battles.

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