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Default Personal best 100 yards. Thanks Stuart!

I had the pleasure for a second time joining Stuart and Tomoy during one of their coaching sessions in LA last night. Tomoy in the pool helping with demonstrations and Stuart on the side doing his stuff.

There were quite a bunch of folks of all levels at the session.
We covered a few things but the one that bought me a few more seconds was stroking back with the correct arm after the push off from the wall.

When doing a turn I understand that one's body should be at a 45 degrees after the push off from the wall. As you approach the surface one of the outstretched arms will be on the low side and one will be on the high side. Old wisdom was to bring the low side arm forward first.
Stuart had Tom demonstrate last night how doing this almost causes a pause and a bit of a wake in the water. However when bringing the high side arm forward first it was a far more natural with a nice continuity of movement as ones body flattened out.

I don't do tumble turns but still got some benefit from this technique and we believe that this is where I gained a few seconds dropping my 100 time to 1:27!! Some of the other finer points pointed out by Stuart no doubt contributed as well and I left with a better understanding of DSP vs SPL vs perceived effort.

Thanks again to both Stuart and Tom!

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