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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello Suzanne,

How you can differ from the other one? Or is it confidence to your individual well known body sensations? (Not everyone has :-( )

Nearly the same question: Is it individual experience or a transferable/teachable skill. (Think TI tries to point to in many ways, but if this is a low hanging fruit, I'd like to grap it... Groan...Yes, I'm Aware, we talk about swimming... )

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i think for me this is my personal experience. 6 years ago, swimming at a tempo of 1.3 for 16 SPL felt good and I could do it all day and all night...I even practiced hitting 15 SPL at that tempo. It takes a lot of strength and resilient shoulders to do that when you're 5'3" tall.

One time I swam a 1:30 100yd at a 1.3 tempo, which requires 14 SPL and a good pushoff. I "bonked" after that 90 second effort and that was the only swimming I could do for the day.

On the other side, at faster tempos, 4-5 years ago 1.15 felt fast and if I could hold 19 SPL at 1.15 sec/stroke, I felt like I was flying.

Now that tempo feels slow to me and while I can hit 16 SPL or even 15, currently it's ony when I am fresh because otherwise I just feel like I'm losing balance.

I'm happy tou "allow" 1-2 higher SPL than I did several years ago for a few reasons, but one of them being that I'm not as strong or young as I was then (but plan to quickly regain all of that stregth and more), and the lighter effort/higher gear is just easier on me.
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