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Originally Posted by andyinnorway View Post
I think the shoulders can hurt at high speed low SPL as the proportion of 'pull' increases in the stroke.

With good flexibility the lats can handle the propulsive phase of the stroke from the length of the upper arm in front of the shoulder.

You can cheat the SPL game though by pulling from the end of the very end of the spear (something I did a lot of in the first 12 months of TI to force a Shinji 12SPL on my inexperienced body). I think there's a lot of shoulder in that movement.
Andy, do you no longer try to pull with your shoulders as you describe above? It seems to me that this is what you would always like to do. If not, why not?

It seems to me that an equivalent way of looking at the same motion is to push your spearing arm forward from the end of the spear, which is the way I tend to view it.

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