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Originally Posted by atreides View Post
2. Try to atttend a TI workshop which will be the fastest way to learn the TI technique and drills to perfect the technique.
I began right where epg14 is just last April when I took part in a weekend TI seminar. I could not swim even a bad freestyle. My only swimming experience consisted of being able to float and turn onto my back, and to swim a non-TI style backstroke fairly well, sometimes.

The weekend workshop is a great way to get small group instruction on all the TI freestyle drills in just two days, but it is not a guarantee that you will be able to swim whole stroke TI freestyle correctly in just two days. You will spend six hours in the water and be asked to try all the TI drills, through rhythmic breathing with z-stroke, even if you have not mastered the lead-up drills.

Unless you are a very quick study, it is likely you will spend many patient hours after the workshop practicing these same drills to perfect and imprint balance, kick, timing, arm positions, tempo, and so on before you will actually swim TI freestyle.

I am not sure if one on one lessons in concert with joining a TI swim group would have worked better for me; cannot exactly turn back time. In any case, the only swim group in the area is 45 minutes from my house, and a certified TI instructor is a scarcity at this time, so I practice alone.

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