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Originally Posted by epg14 View Post
Hello everybody! I am a new member of this forum. Actually, I am also novice in swimming. I just learn and found that swimming is fun when I am here at Dubai when I joined Hotel's Health Club where usage of swimming pool is included in the package. At first, I am am very hesitant in swimming since I am afraid that I might drown and it irritates me when I drunk pool water. When I watched the TI, I started to learn to swim. Right now, I am comfortable with swimming. I can do flutter kick and use hands when crawling but my problem is I have difficulty breathing because everytime I turns my head, I have difficulty gets air and water comes in to my nose and mouth and I find it very difficult to continue with my stroke. I felt that my legs shakes when I try to rotate to grasp air then recovery is very difficult for me. I just want to learn swimming by my own since I am already 31 years old and quite ashame to ask for assistance because I felt that they might laugh at me learning that I am juast novice in swimming. Maybe I am doing freestyle swimming wrong, when just doing flutter kick, I can go as far as I want holding my breath. Maybe my arm and hand movement have something to do with my problems to breath. Hoping that TI would help me how to learn to swim freesstyle effortlessly. Thank you very much in advance!
About a year ago, I started at about the same place. Here's what I would do:

1. Buy a copy of Easy Freestyle and view it. It is a step by step methodology on the TI method. It will require you to start from the beginning which may seem redundant at first but later it will become apparent later.

2. Try to atttend a TI workshop which will be the fastest way to learn the TI technique and drills to perfect the technique. There are many TI international groups. I don't know about Dubai but you might inquire.

3. Watch as many TI videos as you can. There a fair number on the web which will give you good idea of how it should be done.

4. There are breathing drills that you might want to try and TI has a video (O2 in H2O but from what you are saying, your problems have more to do with your specific swimming technique than a isolated breathing flaw.

5. Once you have the basic TI technique ingrained, pose specific questions that you have about drills or problems that you are having to this forum. For instance, you mention that you have difficulty rotating and breathing. Well there could be a number of things wrong. You mention a flutter kick but TI uses a two beat kick in whole stroke. When you rotate to a side, that sides arm should be out front and "patient" as you roll to air. Under those circumstances, recovery on the other side shouldn't be issue even if you went stacked shoulders (TI no longer recommends this). Do you exhale into the water? Through your mouth or nose? Do you fully exhale or do you need one last blow before you breathe in? Is your head position up in the water or on the side when you attempt to breathe?

Start out with the Easy Freestyle video first. Going through that thoroughly may fix a lot of your problems. Good luck!!
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