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@ dprevish,
Yes I think that what you found is the feeling of the catch. It also 'comes and goes' for me, I do it for only two days. Its important to move the elbow forward even if you lose the silky feeling. Its still much much better than "adding" the elbow to the forearm movement. If you add the elbow, you push a 'wall of water' like CSuzanne said, and you engage the shoulder, and...the torso.

Try 'open turns' instead of flip turns. I do only open turns because I can get dizzy when I flip, and I am turning fast in open turns. Its not slow at all. Just needs repetitions to learn it. Maybe its not "cool" but its very efficient and if you master open turns they can be just as fast as flip turns at our amateur level. Shinji has an 'open turn' clip on youtube of all styles including freestyle.
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