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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
Most beautiful post you have ever written. You are now learning TI. :)

Did it feel like silk?
Back from second pool session of the day, needed to solve the catch.
I was already "waiting" when my catch failed this morning, but I was not "slightly engaging the palm".
I tried (as a test) to catch with a totally loose palm and its impossible, the forearm muscles start to work when the palm is totally loose.

Originally Posted by Shinji
My palm is mainly relaxed, and slightly engaged to keep the shape.
I have a radical change of understanding since yesterday when Richard made an effort to convince the donkey that he got it in reversed order: The arm should lead the body rotation, not the other way around as mr. donkey thought...
I always thought that "rotate the body just enough" is about how much propulsion I need for high SR or low SR, I didn't understand that its "just enough according to what the stroking arm needs". I was doing: "accellerate the arm just enough to suit the best body rotation you can create..." :) donkey logic.
I don't know on what to work next. Any ideas?
I counted a comfortable 15 SPL on 25M but its all dodgy and not solid yet. No problem doing a slow legit 10 SPL.
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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