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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
Thank god for this link!!!

Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne in her blog
...The key was in waiting, and during that waiting time, the palm is applying that oh-so-gentle pressure that I’ve heard about, as the body rotates and continues to move forward…but what follows feels like silky magic, rather than the big arm of water I’d had before.
I lost the feeling today at the pool because... I was not waiting the weight of the entering side to drop more and I was starting the catch too soon.
Your blog may have saved my swim just because of the quote above about waiting.
Losing the correct catch is just a typical newbie event. We are not aware enough of all the nuances and we pay the next day... :(
That's why putting everything in text and explaining everything is so important.
If it wasn't for your blog then I may have not fixed that in the future. Next time I will wait a bit for the body to drop more, and only then will start to find the silk (the catch) :)
I have to feel the right moment when the forearm can hold itself without any outside help, and then start the catch.
I am feeling it just by imagining it while sitting in front of the PC.

This forum is worth something after all ;)
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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