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Originally Posted by swimust View Post
I always felt that something smelled fishy about my swim. I couldn't "point the finger" on it until today when I fixed my catch.
This photo below is what I was not doing. I was joining the elbow with the forearm on its move backwards. Rookie mistake.
After starting to move the elbow forward during the catch, I sensed for the first time in my life how the forearm pushes water molecules in a delicate and precise way. Same as Terry was describing his sensation during the catch. The forearm was freed from the limitations imposed by the elbow.
The whole body suddenly got lose and I got that floating easy sense on the water. I tested some strong catches and they got me some big propulsions.
I guess TI students learn that in the first lesson. I learned it last... :) a donkey
My body had a totally new sensation of ease and floating lazy. I guess that I stopped using muscles (shoulder and torso) to support the awkward stroke. For a change I might be advancing in the right way.

Most beautiful post you have ever written. You are now learning TI. :)

Did it feel like silk?
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