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Default Goodwill to all

With my first off day in 3 weeks, I wish all my swimming brethren a wonderful day tomorrow. I shall join 2 of my children Cole 13 and Claire 11 in a morning swim.
I shall reflect on both the ups and downs of our struggle to be good decent and caring. To give love unconditionally and without expectation of any return. To appreciate the joy and serenity that swimming continues to bring me every time that I get into the water.
With a certain amount of incredulity I marvel at our small virtual community of swimmers, and how people from several continents will commit a beautiful and peaceful act apropos of nothing other than goodwill.
It gives me pause to consider the greatness inside each of us, and how there is yet an abundance of things that we can do both as individuals and as groups that can cause great and amazing things to happen.
Love and peace to all,
ian mac and family
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