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Not a decimal but a "centesimal" (?), from 1.08 during 2/3 weeks to 1.07 and so on. I figure my body will get used to that and by next year I would have improved in a progressive and sensible way.

I live in London. Every year there's something called Swimathon, a charity swim, where you can choose to swim up to 5K and in the process raise money for charity. I did it once 13 years ago, in 1h29'. At the time I wasn't training in a structured way, but I was 13 years younger! I think I can do it though, If I stick to 16' per 1K I'll be bang on, and right now I know I can do that over 3K.

It'll be in a 25m pool… I'd like to do it in a 50m pool but then I'll have to train harder to achieve that time… we'll see next year.

Thank you again Terry.

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