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Default How I Improved Today over Yesterday

Tues Dec 4 -- 2600y in 50 min at SUNY-NP

As I've written often, my goal in every practice is to improve my swimming -- I.E. to be a better swimmer at the end of the practice than I was at the beginning. Sometimes I gauge that improvement subjectively. As often as possible I try to make it empirical/objective. Today's practice reflected marked progress over my last two practices -- yesterday and last Wed.

Tuneup Swim 800 FR/BK Pyramid
25FR25BK+50FR50BK+75FR75BK+100FR100BK+ 75 same + 50 same + 25 Same
My goal was to (1) hold 13SPL for FR and 15SPL for BK the entire set, and (2) to feel faster and stronger as distances got shorter after the 100s. I felt exactly as I hope to by the end.

Pace Set BR
3 rounds of 4 x 25 BR. One round each @ 7-8-9 SPL. I descended each round slightly and had faster average times each time I increased SPL.

Pace Set BK
2 rounds of 3 x 50 BK. First round @ 14+15 SPL. 2nd round @ 15+16 SPL. Descend each round without adding strokes.
I did almost exactly the same set yesterday but at higher stroke counts and slower paces.
Yesterday 15+16SPL @ 50-49-48 sec, then 16+17 SPL @ 50-49-48 sec
Today 14+15SPL @ 48-47-46 sec then 15+16SPL @ 48-46-44 sec
I executed the same critical skill in both - swim faster without adding strokes, but much improved today. Exciting benchmark in my Month of Backstroke Improvement.

Pace Set for 1000 FR
Swim 10 x 100 FR on interval of 1:50. Progress tempo from 1.19 to 1.10 while holding 14SPL as long as possible.
I held 14 SPL through 1.13. I added just two strokes (to 14+14+15+15) at 1.12, 1.11 and 1.10. My times improved from 1:24 @ 1.19 to 1:19 @ 1.10.
My combination of SPL and Time or SPL and Tempo were slightly better than similar sets I did yesterday and last Wed. Last Wed I held 14SPL to 1.15 tempo. Today I held it to 1.13. Next week, maybe to 1.11?
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