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First of all the video you refer to on home page shows TI Coach Luisa Fonseca of Madrid. Watch the surface video and note that the exiting hand never stops. That means she maintains rhythm or stroke continuity. The leading hand exhibits what we call Patience or a moment-of-stillness.
On underwater video that seems no longer available on youtube, Jason Lezak showed that same moment of stillness in anchoring the US 4x100 relay in Beijing.
Alain Barnard, who anchored the French relay, lacked it.
Consequently Barnard took 46 strokes on the final 50m while Lezak took 34.
Lezak made up so much ground -- while taking so many fewer strokes -- because when he stroked he moved his body forward. Barnard moved the water back.

The moment-of-stillness is the reason.

My 13SPL was in a 25y pool. In a 25m pool that would be 14-15SPL. I wasn't wearing a TT but would estimate -- it being my Tuneup set -- my tempo ranged between 1.30 and 1.35.
We are both 182 cm though -- having unfortunately added my usual layer of winter fat -- I'm 93kg.
Yesterday my metrics on main set of Free were SPL + Time. Today they will probably be Tempo+SPL. I'll test if I can maintain 14 SPL from 1.16 to somewhere below 1.10.

Watching youtube video gives many useful clues about TI Technique. Following the skill-building process in a video like our Self-Coached Workshop is a more reliable and faster path to improvement.

In any case I'm delighted you're on the path and posting here.
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