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Default 13SPL strokes per length?

Hi Terry,
First of all thanks so much for all your incredible work. I discovered Total Immersion last year, rummaging through youtube trying to find videos on how to improve my freestyle. I've been practising my version of TI for nearly a year now.

I can swim 25m in 15/16 strokes (I'm 182cm tall and weigh 80kilos), it's better than what it used to be. But if I'm pushing myself the stroke rate goes up to 17/18 and I can't really swim under 1:20 (100m), it's more like 1:25 per 100 meters with 30" rests in between (I do 10 sets for instance).

How can I get to do 13SPL like you do without ending up with dead spots in my swimming (overgliding?).

Also, how many strokes per minute do you do? (I'm now using a Tempo Trainer after reading one your blogs).

I swim 3 times a week, one hour each time, and normally do 3000metres each session. I've got a good level of fitness, cycling 80miles a week and swimming around 9K a week. I've swam 3000 metres in 48' in a 25m pool several months back, to give you an indication of my swimming level.

You talk about Perpetual Motion as one of the aspects of TI. However the video that comes up in the homepage shows a lady swimming that clearly stops her arms from moving with each stroke, is that correct?

It'd be great to read some answers to these inter-connected (albeit a bit random-looking) questions.

Very best and much admiration,