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Default Problems with exercises in Lesson 1. What to do next?

Hi everyone!
I got aquainted with TI in 2008 and restudied swimming since then.
Actually I tell everybody that before that time I couldn't swim.
But I restuidied incorrectly, so I now swim very slowly and inneffiently, without a balanced position in water. I decided to restudy swimming again and study learning materials more carefully.

I started from Lesson 1 from the book and had been doing these exercises for 45 minutes.
I haven't managed to find balance. In Exercise 1 my legs are pulling my body downwards if I don't make strokes.
In Exercise 2 my arm doesn't come out of the water (as it is prescribed in the material).
And when I try to move weight to an upper part of a body and dive my head into water, some moment it sinks and I choke with water.

So I practiced swimming on both my body sides and in active balance (changing positions betwen them), but my weight center is still in a lower part of a body and it sinks.

I realize that I cound continue practicing Lesson 1 but this idea doesn't seem productive to me because I didn't make any progress in finding balance myself through these exercises.

So what to do, your advices?
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