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Originally Posted by CoachBillL View Post
I was waiting this morning to do a tri swim in the Schuylkill River for a relay team of (other than me) wheelchair athletes and started talking with a blind runner who is interested in open water swimming. Does any coach or swimmer on this list have any experience with this, i.e., swimming tethered to a blind swimmer and navigating for him or her? I think I've found most of what's available online and am looking for personal experience and advice; contact me offsite if you prefer at This would, by the way, be an excellent subject for an ebook, would it not?
Hi Bill,
Below is a contact that should be of help to you. Our tri team has a legally blind triathlete swims in OW. Tell her (Elaine)that you spoke with me..George Randall.
Let me know if this is a help.

Elaine Vescio
USA Triathlon Certified Coach at Vmps
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