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Default The most exciting thing was confirmation of Neural Focus

I should add that the most exciting thing about this practice was how it reinforced a lesson I've learned previously when injury or surgery limited me to 'rehab' swimming. Since I got diagnosed with torn meniscus in right knee and frayed supraspinatus in left shoulder I'd put aside any short-term competitive aspirations -- and thoughts I'd had previously about attending the Masters World Championships in Riccione Italy three months from now. Instead, I'm looking ahead to open water season.

From Dec 22 until last week I'd not done any pool training. Just 30 min sessions in the Endless about 4x/week. I swam almost solely with gentle current, focused on subtle stroke tuning -- looking for small 'problems' to fix.

The problem I chose to focus on was a tendency I sensed (and which was confirmed in video we shot last summer for an upcoming TI DVD), in both free and back, for my right foot to turn out on 'down' (actually up in backstroke) beat. I realized it was from upper body instability and have spent 30-minute sessions blissfully laser-focused on 'wiring in' the fix. I've been delighted to see how quickly that problem -- that is likely 40 years old -- responded to keen focus.

The confirmation of how valuable this fix was came last Friday morning when I swam this 3000-meter practice -- the first time I'd swum in a 50m pool in almost six months.

I was thrilled that the consistent quality (measured in sustained SPL/Tempo/Duration/Ease) equaled my best practices from July and August last summer when my weekly swim volume (including evening practices in Lake Minnewaska) was double or triple what it's been the last two months and I was practicing 3 mornings per week in the 50m Ulster County Pool.

I never cease to be amazed at the power of keenly-focused neural training.
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