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Terry great achievement and very inspiring! on your Master's swim.
A couple of questions regarding your post.

On your first of set (800 @ 38SPL) -What was your TT set at?
excellent job in sustaining SPL consistency by the way..

On the second set (12 X 50) - Did you swim with paddles/buoys...with a bad
shoulder and all?
great job you only increased by two strokes.

On the third set(2 X 300) - you mentioned you said you backed off on the TT to 1.25?..what was thinking on why you decided to back off from 1.20 to 1.25 on the 300 as your SPL was almost the same? What it because you thought the added distance in one swim would effect your efficiency? As you swam 800 on the first set with a great SPL (not sure on the TT setpiont).

Thanks for sharing

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