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I'm a fan of yoga and think that the usual poses recommended for beginners are very beneficial.

There's a chap in Florida called Dr Al Sears who promotes a system he calls PACE, which is, basically, intense interval bodyweight training. It is not expensive and I think it's worth what he's asking, but you have to actually do the exercises. I find it hard to fit them in as well as the yoga and swimming and the odd bit of walking. I resolve to try harder in the New Year.

He also sells a wide variety of magic potions from remote hill tribes from high in the Andes or Bali or other exotic locations. My snake oil detectors are too highly developed to try any of these, although for all I know I may be missing out.

He does seem to be very well informed about nutrition and exercise, weight loss and other health concerns, and whatever you can think of, he has a remedy he will ship to you.
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