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Originally Posted by Suddethb View Post
With a 2-mile swim in Butterfly on December 22, I have now reached my swimming distance goal for this year, 103 miles in Butterfly.
That's an inspiring accomplishment, and a worthy suggestion for others, who may be looking for some galvanizing goals for 2012. I'd been musing that I would build up to some steadily-longer timed butterfly swims this year, but the cumulative distance for the year is an intriguing goal as well. It will be a bit harder for me to track because I've recently resumed regular practice in the Endless Pool. I could perhaps come up with a distance-equivalent. Since I average 8SPL in a 25yd pool, I could try to keep track of strokes taken.

On the other hand I'm more interested in measuring by time than distance. I swam a lifetime best of 3:06 for 200-yd Fly last April at a Masters meet at George Mason Univ. I've set a goal of breaking 3:00 this year.

My other goals are to do longer timed swims, working up steadily from a timed 500y to a timed 1000y and timed 1650y - all standard distances in Masters swimming. I'd do these in practice, not in meets, and just for personal satisfaction.

And responding to your post has given me an idea for my first blog of 2012 - My Swimming Resolutions.

Which prompts me to ask: Have you set betterfly goals for 2012 - or will you focus on another stroke? One thing to consider is what kind of goal will grow the most neurons? E.G. Having swum 103 miles in 2011, going for say a 10 percent increase, to 113 miles, will likely stimulate muscles more than brain. But a focus on improving your time for shorter distances is a very different task, which will provide some cognitive difficulty (a favorite phrase I borrowed from David Brooks.)
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