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Ok - so I can do 400 m in one go. I can do 1000m in a swim session (eg 200m, 100m x 7, 50 x 2) and am doing 2 sessions a week. I am not sure how I can get to swim a mile - which is my next goal.

I am a slow swimmer (a lot faster than I was though), doing 100m in about 2mins 25 and doing around 25-28 spl for 25m and a stroke rate of 21-23.

Appreciate any tips or suggestions of a plan and practise I should be doing to try and get to that 1 mile distance.

There certainly seems to be an allure associated with swimming a mile. Mostly I find that people that are non swimmers can't fathom the idea that one could go that far in the water. They usually say "what without stopping either?". Nevertheless it is a significant distance to swim and one that is worthy of accomplishing if one sets their mind to it.
Shane Eversfield remarked at TI coaches training school that it is accomplished one stroke at a time. This may sound like an over simplification but, in fact, for myself at least it has been a very useful way for me to approach long distant events. Assuming that you are deploying some of TI's concepts and seeing what you've accomplished already I would think that you could stay the course and build you distance gradually.When you start to get tired try and determine if you are tired because you let your stroke fall apart, in which case you should stop and regroup or that you just need to work on better conditioning. If it is conditioning then you might try going to the pool and just focus on doing the intervals...checking heart rate and recovery rate and lap times etc. When you've made measurable progress then set a date where you get a few days rest before you try your mile again. One stroke at a time.
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