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Originally Posted by gladtobedifferent View Post
Ok - redone my maths

28 strokes in 40 seconds (for 25m) so 10 strokes takes 40 sec /2.8 = 1.43

I have done this with a whole range of different logs for me and they are all in the 1.38 to 1.45 range.

So guessing that I should work on my stroke length and my catch ??
SPL=25-28 for 25m.... SR=1.43 ?

Coincidentally that is exactly the Stroke Rate I was using this morning with my TEMPO TRAINER. My SPL=17

I think I have achieved decent balance and streamlining but the propulsive part of my stroke still needs work.

So I agree with TERRY... if you just work on your balance & streamlining (how you move through the water) you will easily reach the SPL=17-20 range in my opinion.

In fact you can try the following...

1. Do 4x25m of Superman Glide focusing on balance (Keep head low)
2. Do 4x25m of skating focusing on balance
3. Swim 4x25m Freestyle immediately after and just think "GLIDE, GLIDE, GLIDE..." after each hand entry.


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