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Cool SPL and slipping through the water

I dont push off very far from the wall as I feel it is cheating. If I am tired I do, but otherwise do a short or non existent push off.

I focus very much on not starting the pull until the other hand has entered the water, being patient. This is somethign my coach got me to focus on.

My catch is not great. I noticed an excellent swimmer the other day whose catch seemed to pull her hand from shoulder width start to bending at the elbow and the palm coming to below her face (looking straight on). I have been doing my pull part of the catch with my arm 'over the barrel' in line with my shoulder and wonder if I should be letting my palm move nearer to the middle as I would catch more water.

My catch involves - slightly cupping my hand as it goes in, keeping elbow high and passing along the 'over the barrel' arm, but I know that it is not moving me as far forward as it could do.

Also wonder if I should be patient with my lead hand before the recovery hand briefly joins it before the next pull. ie glide a bit with my patient hand before slightly pulling it back as the recovery hand enters the water. That would make my stoke longer. Think that may be what terry means ?
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