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Originally Posted by saadbox13 View Post
How much time should we allow ourselves to rest, what advice can you give us to relax and avoid injury caused by sustained activity.
Great question. When I planned training according to physiological principles, rest intervals were dictated by formulas. If it was an aerobic set, the formula might say I should rest for 10 to 15 seconds between 100s, or perhaps a work:rest ratio of 8:1. An anaerobic threshold set a higher ratio of rest to work. An aerobic power or lactate tolerance set higher yet.

But now I train mainly by neural principles, intuition and feel. Rather than formulas, I listen to my body and pay attention to the metrics I've decided to use as benchmarks for the set. The ratios probably end up being relatively similar because if I' aiming to hold a more exacting combination (fewer strokes and/or faster tempo) I'll likely find I get a bit more fatigued during a repeat and therefore wait longer before attempting the task again.

The key distinction is that, when training by formula I'm less responsible for the quality of my practice. The formula dictates many details of the set. Instead I take complete responsibility. I must judge the difficulty of the task and after completing each repeat, make a judgement of when I feel ready to successfully execute the task again. If I misjudge and fall a bit short -- i.e. take more strokes than I had intended, I'll adjust the recovery time upward until I can hit my goal metrics.

And sometimes no amount of additional rest will get me there, so I can either adjust the set, or abort it and replace with a set I'm prepared to do well -- and feel good about.
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