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These accounts of your approach to practice are extremely valuable, even though I am not yet (and probably never will be) in a position to adopt the approach very closely.

Currently devoting most time and thought to the butterfly problem and happy to say that I seem to be making progress. I recently had a lesson in butterfly (from an Alexander Technique coach rather than a TI coach, but he lives fairly close and the TI coaches don't). His diagnosis was not enough movement of the head, which I have been working on, and also on some drills dimly remembered from the old four strokes DVD, which I have somewhere but have mislaid, in particular the hip delay drill with two kicks at each end of the stroke. The object I believe is to learn to synchronize the kick with the exit of the hands and with the entry. I think it's working.

I bet Sun Yang (or Yang Sun as he appeared for the benefit of western viewers) can do a very nice butterfly.
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