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Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
So, with all due respect to Emmett Hines, I have to side with Terry on this one. I do, however, think this is an argument of of words only. I would think that Emmett intends his swimmers to use as little energy as possible to keep the legs stiff.

I think Terry and Emmet are on the same page and it's a "argument of words" as well. Just as Terry uses "tone" to highlight energy savings Emmet probably uses "stiff" to avoid knee bend, possible drag and thus energy waste.
I like tone myself and use this term often, however, I'm thinking for those who are just (starting to) working with 2bk, keeping a stiff leg may help to really feel that ((bracing)) of the 'kicking' leg. Once you've got the rhythm so to speak perhaps you can 'soften' up the leg and add a bit of snap as well; my thinking, 6 or 1/2 doz.
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