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Default How to Optimize a Skill: Repeat it

Originally Posted by AWP View Post
Here's my go from Terry's 'A Practice To Find Your Best Stroke'

50yds... 13 spl
6 x 25yds... 14 spl - 13 spl - 13 spl - 12 spl - 12 spl - 11 spl
(odd lengths w/index finger extended, even w/ whole hand)
50yds... 12 spl

Faster Tempo
4 @ 2 x 25yds (two lengths @ each tempo)
1.2 (14/13spl) 1.1 (15/14spl) 1.0(16/15spl) .9 (16/16spl)
Your appetite for experimentation is a model for any improvement-minded swimmer.

One takeaway from your practice that struck me as a particularly valuable lesson: In the two sets in which you repeated a task - or 'problem' - at least once, you improved your efficiency at that task with great consistency.

When you did 3 sets of Index-Finger/Full-Hand 25s, you improved your IF count by a stroke on each rep, and improved your FH count by a stroke on each rep.

Ditto the 4 sets of 2 x 25 on gradually faster tempos. On 3 of 4 tempos, your SPL improved by one on the 2nd 25. And I suspect if you'd repeated the .9 pair another time or two, you would also have found a way to strike the wall in 15 strokes there too.

Here are two suggestions for next time:

Suggestion #1 Repeat that set of 4 @ 2 x 25yds (two lengths @ each tempo) -- 1.2, 1.1, 1.0, .9
but then do it again in reverse - from .9 to 1.2 and see if you can return to 1.2 with a lower count than you started with.

Suggestion #2 Experiment with doing the 1.2 to .9 set in .05 increments instead. That would be 8 pairs of 2 x 25 @ 1.2, 1.15, 1.1, 1.05, etc.

Your post has inspired me to do this practice today - including my suggested modifications. I'll post results later.
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