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After a sporadic past few weeks of swimming (or non-swimming) I return eagerly with new Tempo Trainer in hand (no more loving whacks on the pool deck to get it started at one setting).
I chose Terry's recent practice 'suggestion' to re-acclimate and begin refining my freestyle technique and tempo/pacing mastery.
Here's my go from Terry's 'A Practice To Find Your Best Stroke'

50yds... 13 spl
6 x 25yds... 14 spl - 13 spl - 13 spl - 12 spl - 12 spl - 11 spl
(odd lengths w/index finger extended, even w/ whole hand)
50yds... 12 spl

'Discover' Personal Efficiency Range
10 x 25yds (with Tempo Trainer, begin w/1.3 >1.6 <1.3)
1.3(12spl) 1.4(11spl) 1.5(10spl) 1.6(-10spl)
1.55(10spl) 1.5(10spl) 1.45(11spl) 1.4(11spl) 1.35(12spl) 1.3(12spl)
I knew after hitting the wall on 12spl @ 1.3 that perhaps I began too low and would have to really concentrate on continuing to hold an equally efficient rhythm as the tempo slowed if I was going to subtract even more strokes. I could have stopped here and started again I guess but curiosity got the better of me.

Sustain SPL For Distance
4 x 25 + 3 x 50 + 2 x 75 + 1 x 100
Choosing 1.3 tempo from above I challenged myself to hold the 12spl I had on that repeat for this entire set. And as I suspected, on a couple lengths in each of the later set of repeats, added a 13th. It felt good to do so, so I knew holding such a low count wouldn't be something I'd intend to do for regular swimming but found the benefit of practicing such an exercise.

Faster Tempo
4 @ 2 x 25yds (two lengths @ each tempo)
1.2 (14/13spl) 1.1 (15/14spl) 1.0(16/15spl) .9 (16/16spl)

Shift Focus
4 @ 3 x 25yds Hand - Hip - Toe
One length @ each focus :hand spear, hip nudge, toe flick x 4.
I repeated the same tempos as the previous segment for the focus here (1.2, 1.1, 1.0, .9)

Swim Without Tempo Trainer
6 x 25yds stroke calibration
14spl/:20 15spl/:19 16spl/:18 17spl/:17 16spl/:17 15spl/:18
Didn't quite follow the format here as N, N+1...
I actually wanted to see if I could break out of the 15/16spl rate and subtract more time on the last two lengths down to :15. after the 17spl I came in at 16spl but with the same time. Not what I intended but a good outcome, so I continued to subtract. Only time for one round so will visit this exercise again.

Speed Variation
2@ 2 x 25yds cruise/fast
My time was limited so 2 rounds only, would like to add more on this particular segment my next go.
Chose the 14spl to hold and tried to 'easily' segue from cruise to fast. My focus on the stroke length and no times. I tried to sense how I was feeling and noticed keeping good alignment and streamlined legs made a difference. Incidentally, I breathed every third stroke throughout this practice except during the stroke calibration segment.

Next, I'd like to try something similar with the other strokes
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