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Originally Posted by ShawnR View Post
Yesterdays scheduled workout swim was a continuous 1500 metre swim (+w/u and c/d).
I understand you've recently come to TI from prior experience following a program prescribed by a tri-coach-for-hire? I'm gratified that you have. One aspect of deciding to adopt TI as your way of swimming that Ithink is fairly common is discovering a basic incompatibility between TI Practice -- which is thoroughly organic and intuitive -- and the workouts prescribed by non-TI people, usually based on formulas derived from 'energy system training' precepts.

I think it would make an interesting thread to learn how many current TI swimmers come from experience doing workouts emailed by a coach who doesn't actually observe them swimming, and how they reconciled the insights gained from TI with the structure inherent in the prescribed workouts. I think I'll pose that question in a new thread.

I recommend you consider reading the ebook Effortless Exercise by TI Coach Grant Molyneux. You can find info on it here.

The most valuable service it provides is to examine in detail the intuitive approach to deciding how to train, and explaining how to bring more intuition and insight into your training. Though I've been training for 46 years and coaching for almost 40, I found it invaluable when I read it last October.
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