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Originally Posted by ShawnR View Post
with a 2000 metre swim ahead of me, I do feel I need to be doing long workouts. Feel free to interject your wisdom here...;-)

Yesterdays scheduled workout swim was a continuous 1500 metre swim (+w/u and c/d). I thought I would see how it goes if I try to do it with TI.
You might have guessed I'd feel free to 'interject wisdom.' I think of wisdom as being produced by experience. The experience I can bring to this is of having done many 2k swims, plus a 40k (Tampa Bay Marathon last April) and two 47k (Manhattan Island Marathon, 2002 and 2006). My thinking process in all my marathons was to focus intently on training my nervous system for exceptionally high economy, deeply imprinted to be resistant to breakdown from fatigue or rough water. Cardio conditioning was always an afterthought.

So I never did a practice or set that was about 'getting yards in.' All were about imprinting quality movement patterns. If I swam longer it was to increase opportunities to imprint efficiency, and therefore I was rigorous about SPL and sensations of ease/flow.

If your tri coach dictates a 1500m continuous swim on a given day -- and you feel compelled to follow advice you're paying for -- you can put 'more TI' into it by deciding to allocate, say 1200m to one set of Balance thoughts and 300m to another set, as I suggested to Aquarius. Or any organized division of the distance.

Or decide to swim at some combination of SPL and Tempo. Let's say you aimed to hold 16SPL and 1.3 tempo. Keep swimming as long as you don't exceed 16SPL.Take a 10-second break after any length that exceeds 16. Your goal over time is to require fewer of those 10-sec breaks, eventually holding 16SPL for the entire swim.

That's what turns a workout into a TI Practice. Specific, measurable, goals that keep you focused every length, indeed every stroke.
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