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Aquarius - Obviously 'spearing' is a more dynamic action than 'floating lazily.' So which is the right one?

Both are, depending on the swimmer and the priority for the moment.

Floating is a Balance thought.
Spearing can be a Streamlining thought, or a Propelling thought.

For a swimmer who still had much to learn about Balance I'd advise mostly reliance on thoughts that emphasize floating/relaxation/weightlessness and leisure/laziness.

For a swimmer who'd gotten the basics on Balance (legs not sinking)-- but hadn't yet mastered Lateral Stability -- I'd advise starting each practice, and set, with Balance thoughts until that neural circuit was well-tuned, then shift to more dynamic streamlining thoughts.

In fact I start every practice with Balance thoughts and sensations. I don't decide in advance how many minutes or yards I'll spend on that. I just let my body decide when it's ready to shift to more dynamic action. I wait for a sense of being pulled in that direction, rather than push myself that way.

I also do my best main or critical sets when I start out seeking profound relaxation and build from that.
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