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Default Corrective Goggles or Contacts?

My wife once asked me why, since I'm such an excellent swimmer, I never go near the pool. I answered that (1) I'm an absolutely horrible swimmer, and (2), more importantly, I'm blind in the pool without my glasses.

I finally decided I needed to learn how to swim, at least so I could quit cringing when my wife kept telling people I was near Olympic caliber.

The first thing I needed was a pair of goggles, and I was amazed to see corrective goggles selling for the same price as plain goggles. I ordered a pair and have been very pleased. Speedo Vanquisher -3.50, if you have to know. Comfortable with no leaks, but poor peripheral vision and a strap that's too short. (What is it with Speedo??? Every damn thing they make is one size too small.)

But it's a nuisance to have to carry around glasses as well as goggles. So I've been wondering if maybe contacts and plain goggles would be less of a hassle, and give me better vision in the bargain. But before spending another $17, I thought I'd consult the collective wisdom of the Forum

So which is better for you fellow myopes -- corrective goggles, or wearing contacts with plain lens goggles?

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