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Originally Posted by ewa.swimmer View Post
While swimming the Iron Man course this morning I got a small reminder of why I don't watch shark week. While turning my head to take a breath, there right next to me (well, okay maybe 6 feet away) there was a shark. It turned out to be a 4 - 5 foot white tip reef shark. They are not aggressive. It was enough to stop me in my tracks. He was curious but didn't come closer. He was fairly close to the beginning of the course (between buoy #5 & #6). I kept seeing things at the edge of my vision for the more than 2 miles left to swim.

You don't get these stories to tell when you just do pool swimming.
EWA, last week while swimming in the ocean for about 1.5hrs before getting back in the Bay, I suddenly remembered that several tagged sharks from The Farallons had been spotted swimming deep into the Bay as far as a place called Treasure Island. For a moment I thought, "Hmmm it would take much for one to swim up and blindside me right now when there is no visibility in the waters of the San Francisco Bay." But the thought quickly passed and I kept on swimming

Hope we haven't freaked any of you soon to b e open water enthusiasts away with this talk!!!!

Keep Swimming!
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