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Originally Posted by daveblt View Post
By not using your legs to get a feel of how they should move as you swim you have made the first step in the right direction.

To help keep the legs and hips light and floating right along behind you also try: rolling only enough to clear each shoulder as you roll and not to stacked shoulders. Over rolling can make your legs splay outward to try to compensate for being unbalanced

Lean in to the water always as you swim.
Look down keep your head in a neutral position and relaxed
Keep the legs stretched out without to much knee bend
spearing in to the water with hand below elbow

i have been told about
not keeping my legs streamlined of straight enuf under me!
a position that i am not to used too!
thinkin about the dynamic or correct position of the body?
always trying to make a step in the right direction!

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