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Default legs either frog or seaweed


I've been practicing for a few months now (thanks for the last tips, they were very helpful)

I'm struggling with my legs. I just can't get the right feel for them. I realized that I do more like a breast stroke kick (knees too much bent). (I guess that comes from 35 years of breast stroke and never really doing any free style.)

So I have started to not use my legs at all, just to get a feel for how my legs and back move while I stroke. What happens is that then I seem to drag my legs behind me like a happy piece of seaweed, right below the surface but I still can't really figure out how to use them a bit more productively. It's quite amazing that I can still swim with such ease, since i have no upper body strength to speak of (and I could never do free style at all before learning a bit of TI). but I'm of course slow and my legs get a bit bored (and it must look very silly). And most importantly I want to get it right!!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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