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Great showing at "the show"!

Fighting with infrequent training myself I have still been able to make/hold gains in 'proficiency', guided and inspired by your progress.

At the end of one practice I was able to string two rounds of 4x100s FR and descend nicely, from 1:28-1:25 & 1:23-1:20 even though I was 'struggling' with a bit of fatigue that day (infrequency).
Today I injected timed 100s while swimming focused sets of long axis.
I began with 100 FR @ 1:22 and ended with 100 FR @ 1:18, the first sub 1:20 100FR in some time.
My BK lengths are down to :24s from :27s and :48s-:50s for 50y; applying same approach as you've laid out in your practices.
Keep it comin'...

P.S. my last long axis groovin session I injected some fly lengths, after some fly drill focus, and was able to incorporate what I practiced in single lengths towards FL, BK, FR sets. Next up, same but with BR...
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