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The beauty of this forum is you find out you are not alone. I urge you to read the posts I have put up over the last couple of months in reference to breathing. I am 63 have always been physically active with a good aerobic capacity running and biking. Step back two years and take a TI workshop Jan of 07. First is was a great experience then came the realization that I needed to completely reprogram my swimming. Balance what is that? It takes time, patience, practice and commitment. Those moments when I get it (Bingo) moments, this is what I want and have worked for. It is often most difficult for accomplished athletes to watch others and become frustrated because they don't get it. The bloated feeling that you experience may very well be the result of the need to get rid of the air, we have a tendency to breathe deeply and not exhale when struggling. You may want to try some breathing bobs focusing on the exhalation. Good luck, stick with it and you are by no means alone.

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