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Originally Posted by deepsinker View Post
My problems are very similar. Once I go for the a (especially the second) breath, I lose all focus and struggle. In addition, I have a difficult time regaining my breath and experience extreme bloating. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm allergic to chlorine or some other chemical in the water. I am a very good athlete and am indeed frustrated with my lack of progress when I see so many others "get it". Any thoughts?
Some things come more easily to some people than to others. Look at Naj in the Open Water thread. She started swimming a year ago and now is loving the cold open waters and looking at great distances. Others, myself especially, take a lot longer. I'd like to suggest that we may try too hard, expect greater results too soon and refuse to or can't relax -- as all who have mastered swimming to some degree tell us to. We just have to take things really slowly and get used to what happens as the results of our various "learning" movements. Thus the value of the drills. Balance and breathing seem to go hand in hand. When we learn to control our balance the breathing becomes more easily grasped... but it takes some of us longer than others. Be patient and keep Gloria Gaynor's song in your mind ..."I will survive". Positive thinking !! Nicodemus's suggestions gave me a solid push to a higher plateau than I was before reading his words. And when we learn to balance and find the breathing easier we will relax more and then the fun factor increases. And don't forget or sell short the benefits of deep Yoga breaths.

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