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Default Beginning swimmer and breathing

Hello all,

A brief history about myself, I am 45 and began swimming 4 months ago as part of a triathlon class. I have good fitness overall, I am able to comfortably complete 7 mile runs and 35 mile bike rides. However, I had no prior swimming experience before my tri class. In fact the first pool lesson was the first time I had been in a pool in 40 years. I am still learning TI techniques but have been having issues with breathing. I do not have any trouble when I do drills, only when I begin to put everything together. I watched the breathing lessons in the Easy Freestyle video and I read the recent thread by Nicodemus. I employed some of the techniques mentioned in both, even taking my time to stroke and exhale to keep from being rushed, but I still run out of breath after a lap. I also seem to get out of rhythm when I breathe on the second stroke. I have better rhythm when I breathe on the third or fourth stroke, but then I run out of air more quickly. I have made some progress, I have gotten to the point of taking only one breath on the second stroke instead of needing two or three breaths. My questions are if this is "normal" for a beginning swimmer, or am I expecting too much too soon? Would the O2 in H2O video provide any insight that the Easy Freestyle video doesn't in terms of breathing? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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