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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello Talvi,
Just a tiny remark. How about feeling the difference from doing that and not doing that? May be you're not doing the described exactly, but you should feel a difference and than can possibly decide better if you're on the way to do the described...

Best regards,
Not sure i understand Werner, but I think I do and that I am doing that. And that's why I posted this thread.

I'm doing or feeling my way through stroke and focus variants and usually that leads to me seeing what other ways of describing things were trying to communicate.

Which leads me to yesterday's insight, and this feels really un-TI. I focused the TT on my catch or rather upon the completion point of my catch. It had an astonishingly powerful effect. I'll post about it but re this thread's topic, it REALLY showed me the roll-over-point which IS core TI stuff.

All roads lead to Rome my friend :)
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