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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
You are right, but the main problem swimmers like me have (not having previously been "swimmers") is grabbing/catching the water.
I start to catch, with extended arm by dropping a hand. Arm is in inner
rotation, to say again.
The kick brings/keeps the legs at the surface.
Better not. Balance does. Kick helps recovery, I think.
Yep, balance is crucial. All starts from that. It was counter intuitive
to me to let leading arm stay extended and not catch early. The brain
says opposite. So, it was a battle to solve out. When it stays extended,
I rotate and bend an elbow during it. Forearm of mine becomes vertical
when I'm on opposite flank. Then I lean on the anchor. That late.
Kick becomes hard, when body rotates a lot. Something to work on!
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