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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
Yes--that reminds me of what I was discussing with a young woman who placed in the top 20 or so at Div III Nationals this year in a couple of events:

You think "When I get fitter, this will get easier." But it never does! All that happens is that you become able to push even harder and suffer more...

Not a complaint--just an appreciation of the joys and challenges of pushing hard!
I believe this was attributed to Greg LeMond: "It doesn't get any easier you just go faster. I hurt just as badly as the weekend warrior I just go faster than he does". That's what I love about training with a group. While you are seeing red in the middle of a brutal set you know everyone else is hurting too. But then there is pizza and beer waiting for you in an hour....which honestly is part of the reason I push myself physically so hard. I can eat whatever I want, as much as I want pretty much whenever I want. Even though the former college stud is banging out a 1:05 pace I know while I'm slower we both hurt just as much. Makes the hard days a lot easier.

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