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I've had this issue as well. I am currently in the AF and am training to cross train into battlefield airman. At a minimum you need to be able to do 25 meters underwater consistently. Right now I can consistently do about 15-20 meters under water. The thing that helps me is to try and stay relaxed underwater. This is harder than it seems. The technique I was taught is the keyhole stroke. Glide as far as you can from a wall push, once you are almost to a complete stop do a breaststroke to a double arm pull stroke....glide until you almost stop, then do a frog kick as you get back into your streamline...then repeat. the average person can probably do 25m in about 8 strokes. The key is to relax, and glide as far as possible. The biggest thing to remember is to block out the panic that says you are going to pass out. It is all mental. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you!!
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