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Default relaxed practice


We are coming from the same place. To progress we must relax which means we must breathe correctly and since we have trouble breathing we also have trouble being relaxed ... a viscous cycle ! However what Nicodemus suggests helped me as I tried to focus completely on his methods last time in the water. I felt very close to having grasped "breathing". Right from my very first question on this TI forum, Splashin' Pat told me to bob, and bob, and then bob some more --- so as to become comfortable in the water and learn to relax. I had thought I had a pretty good handle on this but really realized the other day that I'm not breathing out enough! When I coupled this fact with bobbing, and with Nicodemus's suggestions together with several lengths of Nod & Swim practice, the slower stroke helped me relax more and I did feel a bit more progress. His next suggestion, which was a repeat from Terry's "keep one goggle wet" will help too as the Nod & Swim drill helps promote this. And using the bottom of the lane markers as a focus point makes great sense to me -- especially when in learning, an expected reference of some kind should help too.

One thing that seemed to work for me in getting rid of all my air, was to continually bubble from the mouth and then "snort" out the last air from the nose just before the inhale through the mouth. But maybe I should keep that to myself! However, as it falls into place and breathing begins to work in a more solid fashion, the methods will be refined as the learning continues. Just as in skiing, once we learn to stop with confidence, then we learn to go faster and to ski more daringly - since we know we can stop ! A confidence thing!! Same thing here.


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