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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
I have found that one arm backstroke really teaches the basics of the stroke.
If you dont have straightbody balance, a reasonable kick and good rotation you will go nowhere and you will sink while trying to get the arm over.
Absolutely, I believe one arm drills for backstroke are even more effective than they are for freestyle. The day I'll really commit to improve my backstroke I'll start with a lot of one arm drill and NAD (no arm drill).

Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post

Hips break the surface at every stroke.
This makes me think that I should pay more attention to how high my hips actually are. I perceive them to be high enough, but since my backstroke is still 30s/100m slower than my freestyle, I must have a major flaw that I cannot find yet (eg hips too low).

One simple test that I'll do in the next swim (don't know why I haven't thought of it yet) is try some backstroke with pull buoy and see if I get dramatically faster.

Thanks for the tips,
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